The grape is the fruit that is obtained from the vine. It is a juicy berry, round in shape, with a sweet taste, which grows in clusters and is used in different ways.

Each cluster can have from six to several hundred grapes. In regions with a Mediterranean climate, it is usual for the grape to be harvested in early autumn or late summer.

There are various species of grapes, from their fermentation various types of wine, vinegar, must and some types of brandy are obtained.

The grape is one of the oldest fruits cultivated by man. Chile is the largest producer in the southern hemisphere. Almost 30% of the country’s planted area with fresh fruits corresponds to table grapes. The arid climate of the Chilean summer offers ideal conditions for the production of a fruit internationally recognized for its quality and flavor.


From a nutritional standpoint, this fruit is rich in vitamin C and B. It is an important source of calories and carbohydrates; it has iron, phosphorus and calcium.

It keeps the liver healthy and helps detoxifying and purifying the body.

It improves the levels of hypertension, it is an antioxidant that improves the appearance of the skin and hair, purifies the body and protects the heart.

It enhances the body’s defenses and strengthens the immune system. The grape acts as a laxative, helps intestinal balance and has diuretic properties.

  • Main varieties

    Sugraone, Crimson Seedless, Red Globe

  • Table grape own hectares


  • Wine grape own hectares


  • Annual harvest – Chile

    +11000 tons

  • Annual harvest – Peru

    +9000 tons

  • Harvesting regions

    III – IV – V – Metropolitan Region – VI – VII

  • Main destinations

    China, USA, Europe, Latin America

Varieties and months of harvest

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