We, as a production team, are technically prepared to anticipate the needs of each producer. Our idea is to retain them through competitive settlements and advising them on a day-to-day basis as well as long-term decisions.

What makes us different from the rest is that we take care of every detail in our production chain. Always reviewing the established procedure with what is really happening to avoid deviations from what is projected. After all, in this game, the one who makes the least mistakes gets better results.

For me it has been very pleasant to join the Geofrut family in 2017, where we have incorporated policies to increase and improve commercial relations with producers from different areas of the country. We have treated each one of them in a more personalized way, giving them a very strong technical focus and confident in that with transparency and professionalism we will maintain long-term relationships.

Rodrigo Sánchez
Technical Manager

Why being part of the Geofrut Producers network?

Alliance: We are a Chilean company, which since 1991 has worked to provide the best service to our producers, creating a strategic and reliable alliance over time.

Trust: There are currently more than 180 producers in Chile who trust us.

Trajectory: We have years of experience in the industry, we adjust to the needs of our producers with flexibility and commitment.

Teamwork: We work together and from the field, to produce quality fruit to meet the high international standards where we ship our fruit.

Financial Advisory: There is personalized support for all our producers, flexibility in financing and forms of payment.

Technical Advisory: Geofrut has a production team with high experience and specific skills to be able to support and advise our producers in a comprehensive manner, emphasizing guidance during all production processes, making phytosanitary recommendations, supporting administrative decisions and implementing Quality Management Systems and Safety, such as good agricultural practices (Globalgap, FSMA, TESCO) and manufacturing practices (BPM, HACCP, BRC), as well as Labor Standards (GRASP), all implemented under high international standards through training and field visits.

CapabilitiesWe have a Packing and Refrigeration plant in the Sixth Region, the most productive area of the country, as well as storage plants in Chillán and Pumanque, which allow us to work the fruit from the areas where our producers belong.

Our market in Peru

Since 2014, our company begins operations in the city of Ica, located in the south-central part of Peru, which is an ideal wine-growing town for growing grapes thanks to its valley and its warm dry climate, these favorable points plus the team of professionals , commitment and technology have led us to make a strategic alliance with our commercial partner to deliver quality fruit from Peru to our clients in different destinations around the world.

It is estimated that the production of grapes in Peru will grow 15% annually, incorporating new varieties of seedless grapes, such as: Ivory, Sweet Globe, Sugar Crips, Ottom Crips, Timco, Allison, among others. The final destinations being North America, Asia and Europe.

The annual harvest reaches 9,000 tons per season.

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